Outplacement & Career Transition


    Based on practices developed by experienced and certified career consultant to work with employees in transition to their new job.
    Provide job-search training, preparation, and application to maximize opportunities in job search.
    Assistance in on-site notification and support for departing employees in a cost-effective manner.



The focus of our transition program is to coach your employees who are in transition to Initiate and maintain an intensive job search effort, and to develop life long career resilience capabilities

We base our program on 3 pillars:

  • Dedicating a professional career consultant to work with the individual client throughout their transition process
  • Best practices developed by experienced and certified career coaches
  • Providing comprehensive support for individuals who desire to go into business or consulting whether it’s for non-profit, entrepreneurship, or ownership.


Our Career Transition Program provides comprehensive career assessment job-search training, preparation, and application that effectively position individuals to maximize opportunities throughout their job search campaign.

Participants learn:

  • The most up-to-date strategies, techniques, and practices
  • Skills and strategies to help them in their search for that next career opportunity
  • How to secure their next opportunity, whether it’s getting a job at another company, going into business for themselves, or getting involved in charitable work

Participants also benefit from outstanding job search and career management learning and technology resources. Career Partners International (CPI) has excellent career management technology, databases and resources.

We work around your schedule and resources. We set up meetings in whatever format works best for you.


Our Career Transition Program provides on-site notification assistance that follows best practices. This assistance includes:

  • Manager preparation discussions
  • Initial meetings with the employee
  • Reports based on the information that you request from us

We developed the Career Transition Program to help you support your departing employees in a cost-effective manner. Our Career partners International proprietary technology and data bases help your employees obtain new positions more quickly.

We send you accurate monthly reports on the progress of your program participants. We customize the length and scope of the project to meet your needs.


  • Manager notification training
  • Individual consulting
  • Career assessment
  • Campaign strategies
    • Career transition process
    • Management of a job search campaign
    • Use of a targeted resume
    • Most effective ways to correspond during a job search
    • Selection and utilization of references
    • Marketing campaign strategy and action plan they may need
    • Networking strategies they should use
    • Preparation they should do for interviews
    • Job offer evaluation and salary negotiation processes
  • Entrepreneurial and consulting options
  • Research, technology, resources
  • E-learning for skill development
  • Administrative services & office space
  • Commitment to company
    • Participant progress and placement