Leadership & Talent Development

Leading For Results Seminars

Employees, customers and stockholders look to an organization’s leaders to get results. Stockholders want profits, customers want quality at the lowest price, and employees want direction, opportunity for growth, and a sense that they are a valued part of an organization whose product or service is important in the marketplace.

More than ever meeting those demands requires leaders who have their act together! Leading for Results™ is a training and development program that accelerates the growth of supervisors and managers and prepares them to get results through improved performance and by learning to adapt in a dynamic work environment. Leadership competencies are presented in a practical, hands-on learning environment that engages and challenges participants.

Synergistic Executive Coaching

While executive coaching may mean many things, at CPI Houston it is working with individual managers on performance-related issues to achieve maximum personal effectiveness. Personal effectiveness as a manager leads to effective organizations, so for CPI Houston, coaching is performance driven. In addition to traditional applications of executive coaching, the organization takes advantage of the CPI Houston Synergistic Coaching Model, and employs the talents of multiple coaches who, as a coaching team, work to address the needs of both individual executives and the organization.

Performance Feedback

Performance management is essential to successful long-term leadership and talent development. Both consulting services and training modules are provided for the development of a performance management system and its integration with other HR systems such as succession planning, career development, compensation and rewards. Manager As Coach Learning Series develops coaching skills enabling leaders to facilitate individual and team skill development and performance improvement. This critical skill has a significant impact on retention.

Management & Employee Training

Over 50 training modules and seminars are offered to fill skill gaps in individual performers, supervisors, managers, executives and teams. Each model or seminar is customized for the organization to ensure maximum impact on performance and retention. Create Your Career GPS is a comprehensive assessment and career development program delivered in a series of workshops with follow up coaching to enable employees at all levels to take responsibility for their own career development.