CPI Talent Development Programs

Invest in a Culture of Talent Development for
Increased Engagement & Retention

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Two Innovative & Distinct
Talent Development Programs Achieve Dramatically Improved Organizational Performance.
Implement One or Both Programs!

Create Your
Career GPS

Manager As Coach
Learning Series

Format: Four Half-day
Three-Phase Learning Series
Includes: Assessment & Follow up Coaching Group Coaching/ Mentoring
Develops: Individual Career Accountability Performance Management Coaching Skills

Achieve These Results and More…

72% of employees who plan on staying with their current employer feel that their talents are being well-utilized. Additionally, 95% who strongly trust their leadership say managers do an effective job communicating future plans.”

— Talent 2020: Surveying the Talent Paradox from the Employee Perspective, Deloitte, 2012

  • Reduce Turnover
  • Achieve Goal/Position Alignment
  • Improve Performance & Productivity
  • Increase Morale

Create Your Career GPS and/or Manager As Coach Learning Series Can Overcome YOUR Talent & Organizational Challenges including…

  • Turnover of High Potentials
  • Critical Skill Gaps
  • Misalignment of Talent & Skill Needs
  • Succession Gaps
  • Lack of Career Path Awareness
  • Career Stagnation