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Welcome to CPI Houston/Austin/Dallas/ Louisiana


Talent Acquisition, Development and Transition

Career Partners International – Houston/Austin/Dallas/Louisiana has been helping Fortune 500 and many smaller companies optimize their bottom lines through talent acquisition, development and transition services for over twenty-five years. In contrast to other firms in our industry that provide off-the-shelf programs, our approach customizes human capital and talent management solutions for improved results. We guarantee our performance will warrant your trust in us.


The largest and fastest growing career and talent management consultancy, CPI is a global talent management organization comprised of 70 partners. We have 1,600 consultants operating in 200 offices across 45 countries. As a CPI partner, CPI Houston/Austin/Dallas/Louisiana offers local expertise and a global reach to companies large and small.

Founded in 1987 by seven premier talent management firms in North America, Career Partners International has grown to be the world’s largest and most successful talent management consultancy. Headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, our unique business model of local ownership with global resources allows us to customize and deliver innovative, flexible and practical solutions aligned to your business.

Talent Management that Drives Organizational Performance

In today’s competitive environment, achieving exceptional business performance requires not only a great business strategy but the human capital and people power to execute it. This is why organizations, now more than ever, must have a clear and integrated talent management strategy. The organizations with the best employees, teams and leaders, all operating at peak performance and aligned with their company’s strategic objectives, move ahead of their competition.

Custom Solutions for Optimized Results

At Career Partners International, we recognize that every organization has unique human capital and talent management needs – needs that cannot be addressed with a simple “one-size-fits-all” approach. That’s why CPI takes the time to understand our clients’ business objectives and provide talent management solutions tailored to meet their needs.

Whether you are acquiring, assessing, engaging, developing, or transitioning your workforce, we can help. We have a reputation for delivering beyond expectations and achieving excellence in all that we do.

CPI Delivers Best-in-Class Services Globally

Large or small, all of Career Partners International’s clients receive the very best service available! We deliver solutions to pressing talent challenges while enhancing your brand, strengthening your culture, and protecting your integrity as an employer. We have a tremendous focus on personal attention and a single-minded focus on providing the highest quality solutions. Our clients receive consistent, best-in-class services at every Career Partners International location around the world.


Career Partners International – Texas & Louisiana, is pleased  to provide Bullseye Performance Management System to our clients. 

Bullseye Engagement® Bullseye Performance Management System (BEPMS) makes the cumbersome task of collecting information via forms and surveys and turns the complicated administrative filing process into a relaxed, two-way and a calculated cycle.
 With Employee Performance Management System we let you convert your business growth ideas into high-performance business result. This automated system is not only time saving but also comes loaded with immense features.
 With its advanced sense of self-development and intuition, BEPMS not only helps you to spot the strongest candidates in your organization but also points out the weakest and assists them in growing and retaining their position in the organization, resulting in more motivated employees. This is no doubt the most productive performance management tool in the market!

For more information, contact: Erinn McMahon at (281) 830-3130


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